Our partners

Thanks to our partners !

First of all, we would like to warmly thank all our partners. Without their precious help, our projects would not exist. Thank you for allowing us to live our passion every day! Then, do not hesitate to visit their website for more information.

Office National d’Etudes et de Recherches Aérospatiales (ONERA)

Logo de l'ONERAThe ONERA is the French leader in aeronautics, space and defense research. This multidisciplinary body is endowed with unique means of experimentation in Europe. The ONERA puts its skills at the service of program agencies, institutions and manufacturers.

Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES)

Logo du CNES

The CNES is a public industrial and commercial establishment (EPIC). It proposes France’s space policy to the public authorities. It also organizes its implementation in 5 major strategic areas: Ariane, but also Sciences, Observation, Telecommunications and Defense.


Projet Etudiant de Recherche Spatiale Européen Universitaire et Scientifique (PERSEUS)

Logo du projet PERSEUS
Logo du Projet PERSEUS.

The PERSEUS project is an initiative of the CNES Launchers Department. It is part of the preparation for the future launchers. To this end, it aims to foster the emergence of innovative technical solutions. It is interested in industrial and educational space projects carried out by young people in higher education.



Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace (ISAE-SUPAERO)


The ISAE-SUPAERO is a world reference for training and research in the fields of aeronautics and space. It is also the best French school in its field. The institute indeed delivers very high-level training: ISAE-SUPAERO engineering training, masters, specialized masters and doctorates with diverse opportunities. The fields of study are scientific and technical, of course, but also research and development, logistics, consulting, and even finance. More than one of our partners, our school provides us with facilities, but also with the means of production for our projects.

fondation ISAE-SUPAERO

Recognized as being of public utility, the ISAE-SUPAERO foundation aims to contribute to the national and international influence of ISAE-SUPAERO. It is mobilized around research, teaching and the social opening of the institute, but also for its students.

Thales Group

Thales is a group specializing in electronics and more particularly in aerospace, defense, security but also land transport. Its quality know-how is therefore at the heart of the modern aerospace sector.




Xometry is an on-demand industrial parts marketplace based in Maryland. Since 2019, Xometry has an European marketplace, with more than 2000 workshops in 25 countries. Xometry is trusted by many international businesses for cnc machining, 3D printing, sheet metal and injection moulding.



Société Générale

The Société Générale is one of the main French banks. Bank but also insurance, its customers are professionals, individuals, associations and also companies.




PwC France

PwC France is a network of accounting, consulting and auditing firms for businesses.